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  1. CB Club collects each day over 50 free bonus reports offered by casinos, bingos and online betting sites, suggested by the players themselves. Not one, but dozens of chances to play the most popular slots and casino games TOTALLY FREE!

  2. CB Club allows you to keep track of bonuses that you've already used, thanks to the keys "working" and "not working" present under each promotion. Once uploaded they will remain highlighted, helping you day by day to use the only codes that you have not tried yet. You will find it simple and very useful!

  3. With CB Club you can earn real money whenever you participate within the activities of the community!

  4. How? Easy! You can send us up to 20 daily reports of new bonuses, once approved, they will earn you $0.5 for each report, for a potential daily earning of $8, that you will be able to cash out using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  5. Plus, in order to fully reward our members and thank them for their efforts and participation, we’ve recently implemented a weekly prize sent to top 2 best performers of the week. First place receives $50, while second ranked member will be rewarded with $25, all paid to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash wallets.

  6. But that’s not all! Even your posts and comments on the forum will be paid each $0.05, up to an unlimited quantity! You heard right! With CB Club, the more you put in, the more money you will earn! (see Terms & Conditions).
  7. *Residents/Members from the United Kingdom (including overseas territories) and European Union are not eligible for any form of prize/reward/money incentive.



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