Terms and Conditions.

Bonuses submissions – “regular” accounts:

  1. Up to a maximum of 30 daily submissions (each user/ IP address).

  2. Please submit only new*, fresh and interesting bonuses, that can be useful especially for you!
    *Expired bonuses are not allowed.

  3. We reserve the rights to suspend a member subscription in case of abuses or due to the low level of his/her submissions.

  4. Duplicate bonuses are not allowed*.
    * If users will submit the same bonus, only who placed first will receive the credits. To avoid duplicates, we suggest you to check in advance the published bonuses on the list @ casino-bonus.club.

  5. We remind that our participants will get credited as soon as their submission will be submitted*.
    *You will receive an instant pending credit of $0.50. The pending amount will not be confirmed if the submission is not accepted (See paras. 2. / 3.) Otherwise, it will be converted to real credits.

Weekly Prize:

  1. Every week we will reward top 4 ranking places, based on the number of approved submissions, as the counter indicates. https://casino-bonus.club/weekly-prize

  2. 50% first prize (minimum amount granted will be $50, if the minimum is not reached, we will still credit accordingly).
    25% second prize (even though not reached, we will consider as minimum granted $25)
    15% third prize (even though not reached, we will consider as minimum granted $15)
    10% fourth prize (even though not reached, we will consider as minimum granted $10)

  3. E.g Let’s consider the total weekly prize is worth $120, in which case the prizes will be the following:
    1. $60
    2. $30
    3. $18
    4. $12

  4. In case there will be a tie, we will calculate prizes as in the below example:
    1. 60 points – will receive 50% of the total prize, as it is the sole member on first position, he will be rewarded the total % accordingly
    2. 55 points – will receive 20% of the total prize value
    2. 55 points – will receive 20% of the total prize value
    4. 48 points – will receive 5% if the total prize value
    4. 48 points – will receive 5% of the total prize value
    *due to the tie, there is no third position, so members ranked on second position will split the percentage usually assigned to rank #2 and #3, that is 25% + 15% = 40%, split in two results in 20% each)
    * same rule applies to rank 4, in this case both members will split the 10% left.

  5. The counter will show the updated ranking in real time.

  6. Every approved submission will add 16 cents to the total prize.

  7. The counter will be reset every Monday.

  8. Payment of the prizes will be processed by Monday, following the week of the announcement.

  9. Members announced as winners are kindly requested to confirm the BTC/BCH/LTC or PayPal wallet where they wish us to send the prize amount.

Bonuses submissions – “promoters” accounts:

  1. A promoter account is referring to either a direct casino representing or a partner site which is directing users to exclusive bonus pages.

  2. A promoter needs to submit only exclusive and valid bonuses.

  3. Promoter accounts are not eligible for receiving Bitcoin payments or any other sort of reward.

  4. A partner site representative should not link the bonus directly to the casino, but to the internal page with bonus information.

  5. A partner site representative is required to contact us for approving the bonuses, via the LiveChat or the contact form.

  6. A promoter can submit up to 30 exclusive bonuses/day.

Forum posts:

  1. Payable posts must be not less than 100 characters.

  2. We will award exclusive, well written and meaningful posts ONLY!

  3. The first hundred posts/ replies will be awarded with $0.05 each. From the 101st post/ reply the bounty will be raised to $0.10 each.
    *Casino-Bonus.Club has the right at its sole discretion to approve the bounty increase for each member, at anytime.

  4. A post approval does not necessarily means that you will receive a BTC reward. (See para. 2.)

  5. To see your post automatically approved, you must have already two approved posts, or four if they contains web links.

  6. We reserve the rights to close your account in case of aggressive posts or spam.

General Terms:

  1. All the bonus submissions and forum posts made through this site are subject to Casino-Bonus.Club acceptance, which is in our sole discretion. Without limitation.

  2. We reserve the right to publish any approved submission and forum post over different domains.

  3. Residents/Members from the United Kingdom (including overseas territories) and European Union are not eligible for any form of prize/reward/money incentive.

Cash out rules:

  1. The minimum balance to request a cash out is $8.00, the amount will be paid in Bitcoins or Litecoins accordingly to the actual market values.

  2. Casino-Bonus.Club has the right to approve or not any submission or any BTC related reward.

  3. Be sure to have written the right Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and/or Litecoin wallet address on your details, before requesting a cash-out. Casino-Bonus.Club is not responsible for any possible mistake related to your Bitcoin wallet address.

  4. We aim to process cash outs on a daily basis, but please note we don't commit or guarantee this, it can happen to last longer at times.



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