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Hello, everyone!

After recovering from all the Halloween rush, it's time for the pre-winter-holidays rush! November brings in new casino challenges, read all about it!

Slotland Casino presents you with the top slot game of the month contest? Turbo GT! Top slot comes with a top promo, too.

Join Slotland Casino until November 30th and use this promo code in order to enter the contest: GOTM. The next step of the competition is to start collecting tickets for the big draw. For every 100 spins, you earn one ticket, the more tickets you earn, the more winning chances you get! 

Top position gets a generous $300 Cash award, while 2nd runner and 3rd runner will receive $150 prize! Stay tuned as the winners will be announced in the first 10 days of December! 

Good speed and good luck!

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